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Have you had your skin checked lately?

Skin Cancers can occur anywhere on the body and some can spread.

What is skin cancer?

Skin cancer develops when a cell in the skin goes through a series of changes that make it a cancer cell.

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and other sources (such as solariums and arc welding) is the main factor that causes skin cells to become cancer cells.

The most common sites for skin cancers are the lower legs for women and the upper back for men. Most skin cancers can be successfully treated, if detected early.

Diagnosis of skin cancer

Skin cancer is usually diagnosed by a GP or dermatologist (skin specialist) who examines the skin, often using a hand held microscope (dermatoscope).

They may take a biopsy under a local anaesthetic to make a definite diagnosis. A biopsy involves removing a sample of cells and examining them under a microscope.

If a melanoma is suspected, X-rays, scans and/or blood tests may be used to check whether there are any signs that the cancer has spread.

Our Skin Clinic is equipped with equipment for checking skin, liquid nitrogen for freezing lesions (cryotherapy) and a well equipped treatment room for excision of lesions if indicated. The skin clinic is run by experienced General Practitioners with sub-specialties in Skin Health.


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